5 High Tech Gadgets for the Traveling Businessperson

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In the current business world, professionals looking for an edge in competitive industries need to be able to work from anywhere at any time. To do this, they need the proper equipment to help them accomplish tasks remotely and with ease and efficiency. There are a number of high quality products available that incorporate innovative computer electronics, reliable Internet connectivity, and portability. A traveling businessperson will benefit from the following high tech business tools that are designed not only to meet their needs, but also surpass them.

Noise-canceling Headphones

A traveling professional looking to do work during long commutes needs a quiet atmosphere to focus on their tasks. Noise-cancelling headphones are able to block out unwanted distractions by isolating and eliminating outside sounds while preserving the integrity of the original audio signal. Microphones inside these headphones pick up outside noises, which are then passed through specialized circuitry that has the ability to generate a counter-signal the cancels out the incoming external noise. This allows the listener to hear their phone conversations, recordings, music and more at lower volumes. Some professionals find it beneficial to wear noise-canceling headphones solely for the quiet atmosphere they create. Removing aural interference makes concentrating on work easier. Headphones are available in wired or wireless models and range from $100 at the entry level to $500 and over for the top of the line.

iPad Keyboards

iPads are essential tools for tackling business duties on the road. They combine the power of a personal computer with the portability and sleek design of an iPhone and can be equipped with applications that perform the same functions as an office desktop computer. While the touchscreen is intuitive and easy to maneuver, the addition of a keyboard makes writing longer emails and creating detailed spreadsheets a much easier process. They have additional features as well. Some keyboard models double as a protective case and external charger. Wireless and Bluetooth options make connecting to the iPad practically effortless. Most models are in the $100 to $200 range, though there are more expensive options available with enhanced features.

Portable Wi-Fi Routers

More and more professionals are able to accomplish a majority of their daily routine remotely. However, this type of work requires a strong and reliable Internet connection and unfortunately, this is not always readily available. Mobile hot spot connections often cut out or prove to be weak and inconsistent. Using an open network while traveling also opens workers up to security risks. Accessing confidential data, performing online company banking tasks and sharing secure files are inadvisable when working in an unsecure open network. Portable Wi-Fi routers can solve these problems. First of all, they use the power and range of existing networks to facilitate stronger connectivity to the businessperson’s personal devices. A portable router also creates a secure tunnel for accessing and sharing information within existing networks. These devices come in lightweight and small models, so they’re easy to carry while on the move. Some routers are even as small as a deck of playing cards. They are generally under $100, with options as low as $15.

Battery Packs

When traveling, it can often be difficult to find a power outlet to charge up portable business devices. Thankfully, travelers who can’t access an outlet can still charge up their devices on the go with a backup power bank. These come in a variety of sizes and capacities. There are credit card-sized models that can add extra power in an emergency and larger ones—roughly the size of a paperback book—that can keep devices charged for week-long trips. Popular designs feature USB-C connectors, so they’re compatible with most electronic devices. Despite their size and portability, they are powerful enough to recharge devices at high speeds. They are affordable too, ranging from $50 and under.

Portable Scanners

Portable scanners are compact devices used for electronically scanning documents on the road. The USB connection is used for transferring data to a computer or other device and some models come equipped with a built-in memory card for storing scanned documents. The traveling business professional should determine their needs for document quality, storage, and ease of portability when purchasing. Simple documents can be captured with a low-resolution scanner, though photographs and color documents require high-resolution and more space for storing big files. They come in a variety of sizes and are sold for under $100 to over several hundred dollars for more advanced models.

Time spent traveling can be useful for working on projects and meeting deadlines. Business professionals who are not prepared to work while commuting may run into obstacles that keep them from working. But a well-prepared professional knows to take advantage of the high tech gadgets out there that will help them get ahead.

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