Benefits of Earning an MSCE from NJIT

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(John Schuring) Well certainly with the rapid evolution of knowledge in technology in the world and in engineering specifically, the Master’s degree has become the new minimum standard for a practicing professional, regardless of the field.

(Janice Daniel) The undergraduate degree gives you a certain level of proficiency; it gives you a certain understanding of the materials. What happens at the Masters level is that it gives you a little more in-depth knowledge of the areas that you don’t normally cover at the undergraduate level.

(John Schuring) Probably one of the most exciting parts of studying for a Masters degree in Civil Engineering is learning things you can apply into your job. This is unlike the baccalaureate which is, of course, more general and focuses on fundamentals. It’s very exciting when something you learn in class, maybe the following week, you can apply at work. That is a real statisfying aspect of having a Master’s degree, and something we have as one of our goals. Here at NJIT we are proud of our esteemed faculty and the extensive research projects that we conduct here. And we are fortunate here at the Newark College of Engineering to have a blend of engineering practitioners and front-line researchers who are often award-winning teachers.

(Janice Daniel) Many of the professors who teach in the program have worked in industry. You get to interact with some of these professors who are very knowledgeable experts in their field. I believe what we are doing exceptionally well is providing the technicial skills as well as the soft skills that we believe people are looking for. The technical skills – we want to make sure they really have those. But these days you also need the soft skills, and so the writing part of it is really important. In the courses that I teach, I try to make sure there are opportunities for students to be able to write. So I think the professors who are involved with these courses and teach in this area…we’re aware of that. We recognize what the employers are looking for and how to make the students more marketable. The more marketable our students are, I think it not only serves the students well but serves our program well. We want people coming to NJIT and asking us, “Do you have a good student you can recommend for a particular position that shows some level of success?”