Marketing Concentration – What Will I Learn?

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Ellen Thomas: The course that I’ve developed for this program is marketing research. With technology being so important and so much a part of everything that businesses do now information is more important than ever. One thing that marketers are very focused on is consumer insights – what do consumers look for, what do they value, where do they go, how do they shop, what are they saying. And technology has made it a lot easier to get information. We can collect a lot of data on what consumers are doing but for that data to be useful you really need to understand marketing research methodologies and how to interpret the results.

The course that I’m developing will teach methodologies, teach you how to know good research from bad research, how was the data collected, who was it collected from, how was it interpreted, how was it analyzed. This data that is so available to all of us is only as good as the research techniques that are used to collect it, interpret it, and report it.