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John Schuring: Here at NJIT we are proud of our esteemed faculty and the extensive research projects that we conduct here. And we are fortunate here in the Newark College of Engineering to have a blend of engineering practitioners and frontline researchers who are often award winning teachers.

So our philosophy has always been that our teachers should be also engaged in relevant research. This assures that the students are receiving the most up to date information within their discipline.

Janice Daniel: My name is Janice Daniel. I’ve been here at NJIT since 1999. I graduated with my PhD from Texas A&M and since I’ve been here at NJIT I’ve been teaching in the transportation program and that’s where the transportation courses were originally held and now they’re a part of the civil engineering department.

And I also do a fair amount of research and I do research in the New Jersey Department of Transportation as well as NJ Transit in the areas of transportation operations and transportation safety, those are my areas.

I tell stories about some of the research that we do as we’re collecting the data. For example, in one of the courses that I teach, traffic studies and capacity analysis, it’s about – part of the course is about how do you go about doing a data collection, how do you use the data, the statistical analysis associated with it. And I tell stories about how we go out and collect the data, the different types of tools that we use in the collection of the data. I talk about some of the challenges that we face and then I talk about what people are doing now, where are we going now in the future.