Startup Marketing: 4 Tips to Get Moving

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Starting a business in a competitive market requires considerable planning and strategic marketing. Generally, startups have limited budgets and need to be creative when launching their preliminary marketing campaigns. The following tips are geared toward new companies aiming to establish a digital presence and succeed in their industry.

Understand Your Market

Startups should first consider answering an important question: Who exactly is our target market? Determining this will help startups attain a strong grasp of their ideal customer base. It is better to resist the urge to market to everyone, but focus instead on the niche audience that is likely to give the startup more business initially. Targeting customers according to region, gender, income, and age will give new companies a better chance to reach short-term financial goals.

It is important for startups to also engage consistently with their customer base. Startups can do this on social media by showing support for online followers and the community as a whole. Re-posting relevant posts from engaged followers or leaving encouraging comments on photos shared by people using your product is a good way to promote engagement.

Discover Your Unique Brand

Startups need to develop a strategy based on their unique industry. To do this, young companies should work to establish the core values of their brand. In other words, what is it that makes them unique? Once a company establishes their core values, they need to branch out and consider social media marketing: in short, what type of social media posts would effectively highlight a company’s core values? How can a brand use social media to resonate clearly and effectively with the target audience?

By offering an insider’s perspective of the brand culture, startups can give prospective customers a chance to familiarize themselves with what the company is all about. Sharing your specific expertise and focusing on the aspects of your company that are special and stand out in a competitive market will help draw in new followers on social media, and in turn, new customers.

Locate Your Keywords

Even if your startup is utilizing social media and publishing content online, there still may be barriers that might hinder potential followers from accessing your brand and following your company. For this reason, understanding the keywords that are specific to the brand and industry can attract the targeted audience through online searching.

Using SEO techniques will help potential customers find your brand. Starting with the website, employ phrases on title pages that are special and stand out from similar businesses. Always create original content and avoid using content copied from other sites. This new content should be brand relevant and focused on converting visitors into future fans of the brand.

Finalize Your Marketing Budget

Most companies at the startup stage have to work with a shoestring budget that’s often spread thin. It’s critical for new businesses to finalize their marketing budget early on. Understand the different methods of marketing that are available to your startup and make choices where your focus will lie. While branding and design is a key aspect of marketing for any business, design agencies can be expensive. Startups may decide to initially focus on their website and social medial presence. This does not mean that your business needs to branch out on every social media platform, but maintaining and regularly updating a few platforms will help to get the attention of your audience.

One mistake that some startups make is buying followers—this serves to increase quantity at the expense of quality. Hired followers may make your social media accounts look more popular than they actually are; however, it is usually obvious to real followers that the brand has paid fake accounts to follow them. The same applies to offering real users incentives to follow your startup’s account. This may look beneficial, but the reality is that these are not loyal brand followers and will likely unfollow you over time. This tactic is a waste of money and time that could be spent engaging real people who are interested in your product or service.

Entrepreneurs launching new businesses need to make smart, educated business decisions to gain support from customers at the beginning. Startups looking to gain loyal followers need to understand their target market and develop a thorough comprehension regarding their brand’s unique core values. By utilizing social media and online content platforms, they can communicate their brand message and connect with many potential customers.

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