TBM Council: Membership Benefits and 2017 Conference Highlights

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The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council is a nonprofit organization made up of C-level executives and senior information technology (IT) leaders who actively work towards advancing the IT profession through collaboration, standardization, and education. The TBM Council establishes, refines, and promotes business management standards and validated IT best practices. Executives and senior IT leaders who attend TBM Council conferences often learn how to communicate the value, cost, and quality of IT investments to their business partners, thereby helping to ensure that internal IT teams have the resources needed to focus on pursuing innovation within their organizations.

Goals and Benefits to Professionals


The TBM Council and their annual conferences in the U.S., Europe, and Australia aim to improve networking opportunities across all membership levels. Their hope is to grow interest groups locally while also expanding their virtual presence.


Establishing and ratifying IT standards is one of the council’s key goals. In addition, they release new versions of the TBM Taxonomy and issue Federal IT COST Commission reports to the U.S. government regularly.


The TBM Council offers outstanding educational opportunities to its members. It publishes informative videos, books, and written case studies on IT developments, features a licensing model of delivery by third parties, and it also offers a curriculum for executive certification. Their research and literature serves to promote membership adoption and encourages feedback.


Increasing TBM engagement continues to be a central goal. The council focuses on expanding membership to include mid-market business and IT leaders and it actively encourages overall diversity within the organization.

Benefits to Professionals

Professional opportunities abound at the TBM conference. Professionals can gain wisdom and management advice from leaders of IT and finance, learn more about emerging trends and best practices, and connect with other providers and partners to help technology business management efforts within their respective organizations.

A Look at the Board of Directors

Rhonda Gass

Rhonda Gass is the Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. As a member of the TBM Board of Directors, Ms. Gass brings her experience and extensive knowledge of IT strategy, web, and e-commerce development and technology infrastructure to the Council. Her other duties and accomplishments include leading functional transformation activities, creating an Enterprise Architecture strategy, and executing IT systems and structures for her organization.

Greg Morrison

As Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Cox Enterprises, Greg Morrison has extensive experience with managing technology strategy development, enhancing the company’s IT infrastructure to support expansion, and ensuring high levels of service and operational reliability. He has maintained this executive position at Cox Enterprises since 2002.

Who Can Acquire Membership?

While membership to the TBM Council is free, applicants must meet a certain set of criteria in order to be eligible. Executives in the areas of sales, marketing, or business development are not eligible for the council, though they can become a partner or sponsor. Associate membership is open to professionals who are technology practitioners, finance practitioners, and technology consultants. General members must be IT or finance managers or senior practitioners who work at an organization with over $10 million in IT budgets. These positions include chief information officer (CIO), chief financial officer (CFO), chief technology officer (CTO) and vice president or director of IT or finance. To gain principal membership, members must meet general member criteria in addition to contributing to the Council’s wealth of TBM knowledge by leading or participating in an industry workgroup, speaking at the conference, and providing input on TBM Council standards and content.

The 2016 TBM Conference

The 2016 TBM Conference took place from November 7-10 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront in San Diego, California. The event featured speeches and workshops led by members of the TBM Board of Directors, such as Mike Brown, VP of Information Technology at ExxonMobil; Rick Hopfer, CIO at Molina Healthcare; and Larry Godec, SVP and CIO at First American Financial. Topics covered at the conference included communicating IT’s value to businesses, optimizing IT investments, accelerating service transformation with the cloud, and highlighting women’s leadership.

The 2017 TBM Conference

The 2017 TBM Conference is scheduled for November 6-9 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and will feature the current roster of C-level executives and TBM Board of Directors members. This year’s conference will explore how executives and IT leaders can align IT objectives with overall business goals, explore value optimizing practices, and gain strategic and tactical tools for running IT like a business.

To achieve a successful career in administration and IT development, a professional has to constantly refine their business management skills and remain open to mastering new IT and optimization practices. Executives and managers need to stay up to date on emerging trends in their industry, and attending conferences and becoming a member of organizations like the TBM Council can give a business professional the opportunity to network, grow their skills, and share their expertise while also benefiting from the wisdom of others. In short, joining an organization like the TBM Council can help an IT professional achieve success.

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