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The future of business is being redefined with each new advancement in technology. Whether you are seeking a new challenge or preparing for advancement opportunities, earning your MBA online from NJIT can provide the expertise and competitive edge important to thriving in today’s technology-driven world.

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The School of Management’s mission is to create the edge in business knowledge by:

  • Preparing a diverse student body to lead globally.
  • Integrating business with ethics, technology, and innovation.
  • Interacting with organizations to advance interdisciplinary research.
  • Promoting regional economic and community development.
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Welcome to the Cutting Edge of Business Education

The future of business is technology focused. That’s why our online MBA program is designed to prepare motivated, tech-savvy management professionals with the business expertise and technical knowledge vital for success in today’s rapidly evolving global business landscape.

Composed of 16 courses – 48 credits total – the online MBA program is delivered over eight 15-week semesters. Students typically take two classes per semester. The program’s robust and future-focused curriculum is thoughtfully constructed to impart advanced decision-making and problem-solving skills to strategically leverage technology, manage innovation, and operate as an engaged leader within the business world. As you complete the coursework, you can begin to understand how technology and business work together to build strong companies, promote collaboration, and support long-term success.

MBA Program Objectives

Where Technology Means Business

NJIT’s online MBA program addresses the strategic ways in which technology and management work together. It promotes the continued development of essential managerial skills while delivering the practical knowledge important to effectively shape holistic business practices and develop strategies that drive innovation.

As you work your way through the online MBA program’s challenging curriculum, you can:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of technology’s role in global business and learn to leverage innovation to advance enterprise objectives.
  • Cultivate the decision-making skills and management expertise required to lead people and technology in an ever-changing business environment.
  • Collaborate with and learn from a cohort of like-minded professionals, as well as NJIT’s award-winning faculty.
  • Customize your education to meet your interests and career goals by selecting one of three specializations: Management Information Systems, Marketing, or Finance.

Build Your Expertise and Your Career with Specializations

In addition, the online MBA program offers three specializations: Management Information SystemsMarketing, and Finance. By targeting subject areas that are highly relevant for today’s management professionals, each of these specializations provides cutting-edge business knowledge combined with a clear direction for the future.

NJIT also offers two graduate-level certificate programs: Management Essentials and Management of Technology. Designed to explore the connection between business management and technology, the certificates can stand alone or function as a transition point for you to enter the full online MBA program.

Management Information Systems

Discover How to Put Technology to Work

Information delivery systems are vital to the success of modern corporations. They are utilized at nearly every level of operation to collect, analyze, store, manage, and effectively disseminate data. Businesses of all sizes now have need for talented individuals equipped with the technical expertise and advanced business training to successfully manage these complex systems. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that computer and information systems management jobs are projected to grow by 12 percent from 2016 to 2026.

Develop Your Expertise

It’s easy to see how adding an MIS specialization to your online MBA degree from NJIT can make you that much more valuable in a world where information has become another currency that impacts a company’s bottom line.

By selecting the MIS specialization, you can develop specialized expertise in areas such as:

  • Decision Support Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Information Management
  • Executive Information Systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Database Development

Earning your online MBA from NJIT’s Martin Tuchman School of Management with an MIS specialization can help prepare you for a leadership role in today’s high-tech business world.

Click here for a detailed course list and descriptions.

Finance Specialization

Become an Asset in a Global Financial Market

Advancements in technology continue to revolutionize the financial industry. The proliferation of mobile banking and the automation of previously manual tasks, such as invoicing, payment processing, travel and expense reporting, and tax processing are reshaping the global financial market. Virtually every segment of this vast industry is undergoing some kind of change as innovation enables new opportunities for growth.

Click here for a detailed course list and descriptions.

Learn to Solve Challenging Business Issues

Financial professionals with a solid understanding of e-commerce, automation, data capture, cloud-based computing, and other related technologies can gain a significant competitive edge over their peers. That’s why NJIT offers an online MBA program with a finance specialization that focuses on the financial technologies and tools that analysts and managers use to make complex business decisions.

Gain the Skills to Be a Valuable Company Asset

By choosing a specialization in Finance, you can gain valuable expertise in:

  • Accounting Regulations
  • Corporate Finance
  • Capital Management
  • Income Measurement
  • General Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Merchant Banking
  • Risk Management
  • Valuation

Intended for both experienced finance professionals and individuals seeking a career change, the finance specialization of NJIT’s Martin Tuchman School of Management program can help you become equipped with the computational, managerial, analytical, and problem-solving skills important to your success as a financial leader in an ever-evolving global economy.

Marketing Specialization

Learn to Market in a Multimedia World

Today’s tech-savvy consumers are constantly finding new ways to interact with companies and products. No longer are they waiting for marketers to initiate the conversation. Advancements in mobile technology and digital devices, combined with the ever-expanding internet and the proliferation of social media, have given customers on-demand access to vast amounts of information.

With just a few keystrokes, they can compare products, find lower prices, read reviews, and even communicate with other buyers about product quality. Even further, they’re not just accessing content, they’re creating and sharing it with others. For this reason, today’s businesses must be prepared to engage their audience at every touch point.

Develop Skills Across the Business Spectrum

This is where earning an online MBA with a Marketing specialization from NJIT can give you an edge. Designed to prepare you for a leadership role as an innovator in marketing, the program is expertly constructed to help you understand a world where technology is changing how products are developed and how companies interact with technology-driven consumers.

Build Your Brand and Your Future

By exploring the ways in which technology, management, and marketing converge and integrate, you can develop the skills required to:

  • Increase your company’s market penetration
  • Build memorable and intuitive corporate brands
  • Oversee the marketing process, from planning through execution
  • Develop marketing strategy across the latest digital media channels
  • Learn the most current trends in customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Analyze market segmentation, targeting, and positioning
  • Measure marketing campaign results and return on investment
  • Create added value for company stakeholders

The digital revolution is powering the future of today’s marketing and advertising professionals. It is the perfect time for you to expand your marketing expertise and develop the communication, planning, analysis, and budgeting skills that come with earning your online MBA from NJIT.

Click here for a detailed course list and descriptions.

Coursework Designed for the Future of Business

The advanced curriculum of NJIT’s Martin Tuchman School of Management is designed to give you a more targeted learning experience than a traditional business school. From managerial economics to information systems strategy, the intricacies of technology and business are expertly woven throughout the program’s coursework. Additionally, the rigorous and comprehensive online content was thoughtfully constructed in consultation with some of NJIT’s most notable corporate partners and is structured to address the growing needs of today’s tech-savvy management professionals.

*Curriculum is subject to change.

The phrase Virtual Classroom® was coined and registered as a trademark at NJIT.


Online MBA – Course Listing

Core Courses (30 credits)

ACCT 615Management Accounting3 Credits
ECON 610Managerial Economics3 Credits
FIN 600Corporate Finance I3 Credits
HRM 601Organizational Behavior3 Credits
MGMT 630Decision Analysis3 Credits
MGMT 640New Venture Management3 Credits
MGMT 670International Business3 Credits
MGMT 688Management Consulting3 Credits
MIS 645Information Systems Principles3 Credits
MRKT 620Global Marketing Management3 Credits

Finance Specialization Courses (12 credits)

FIN 624Corporate Finance II3 Credits
FIN 626Financial Investment Institutions3 Credits
FIN 641Derivatives Markets3 Credits
FIN 650Investment Analysis and Portfolio Theory 3 Credits

Management Information Systems Specialization Courses (12 credits)

IS 679Information Systems Strategy3 Credits
MGMT 635Data Mining and Analysis3 Credits
MGMT 650Knowledge Management3 Credits
MIS 648Decision Support Systems for Managers3 Credits

Marketing Specialization Courses (12 credits)

MRKT 631Marketing Research3 Credits
MRKT 636Design/Development of High Technology Products3 Credits
MRKT 645Internet Marketing Strategy3 Credits
MRKT 638Sales & Distribution Channels Management3 Credits

Capstone Courses (6 credits)

MGMT 686Corporate Governance3 Credits
MGMT 692Strategic Management3 Credits


*Curriculum is subject to change.

MBA Certificates:

Management Essentials and Management of Technology

Maximize Your Management Potential

As a natural precursor to the full online MBA curriculum, NJIT’s graduate-level certificate programs allow you to participate in a focused examination of one specific area of business. They are designed to address current and highly relevant topics at the intersection of business and technology.

All credits earned in connection with our certificate programs can be wholly applied upon admission to the NJIT MBA program.

Management Essentials

Build Your Business Intelligence

Designed for managers and professionals who want to build or reinforce their management foundation, this 12-credit graduate certificate program imparts core business knowledge in the areas of finance, marketing, managerial accounting, and management information systems.

As you work your way through the curriculum, you can develop the skills and tools that help you analyze business models and strategically apply core business concepts.

Management of Technology

Prepare for Tomorrow’s Technology, Today

In today’s interconnected world, technology-dependent enterprises have become the norm rather than the exception. NJIT’s Management of Technology certificate program is intended for professionals who want to better understand existing and emerging technologies and discover new ways to manage organizational change.

As you work your way through the 12-credit certificate program, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of technology and its role as a main component of business development in organizations and the global marketplace.