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Forbes lists computer science
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Big Data

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The amount of information being collected, captured and stored around the world is beyond all expectations. According to Gartner global digital consumption is projected to reach 4.1 zettabytes in 2016. New career opportunities for professionals who are interested in database administration, data mining and data management are expected to grow rapidly.

Earning your Online Master’s Degree in Computer Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology can give you an edge in the workplace of tomorrow. Choosing our Database and Data Mining specialization as your course of study can further prepare you for a successful future in the world of Big Data.

An online Master’s degree from NJIT also offers you the advantages of:

  • Attending a respected, top-tier technology school
  • Studying online, on your schedule, from wherever you may be
  • Developing advanced analytical and critical thinking abilities
  • Gaining new computer skills that leverage your experience and meet your goals
  • Learning from experienced faculty with strong academic, business and technical credentials

Why Choose NJIT’s Online Master’s with Database & Data Mining Specialization

Our curriculum at New Jersey Institute of Technology is designed to give you a more targeted learning experience than other Online Master’s Degree in Computer Science programs. The Database and Data Mining specialization will allow you to better understand how each new shift in data technology creates new opportunities to think ahead of the curve.

Offsite data storage is a perfect example. The traditional thinking is that onsite data is safe. But in reality offsite storage offers the economies of scale that can provide several additional layers of protection and security beyond what most companies can provide on their own.

Mobile devices tie in here too, as very few people work only at their desktop. Cloud-based data storage lets companies synchronize file backups across multiple platforms including iOS and Android. Enterprise-wide data management evolves with each new operating system that hits the market.

Specializing in Database and Data Mining will provide you with actionable skills that you can put to work almost immediately. You’ll learn how to develop the processes used to discover and analyze patterns in large data sets, as well as how to extract relevant information from data sets and transform it into an understandable structure.

Companies of all kinds have a need for high-level thinkers who understand how to administer databases and mine data in today’s world. Careers can be developed within large corporations, non-profit associations, government agencies, academic organizations, hospitals, mass-market retailers, manufacturing companies, restaurant chains and more.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the need for 1.5 million or more additional computer industry employees by 2020. Their estimations for Database Administrators indicate a 31% growth rate. Online salary surveys show the current median salary for Database Administrators to be approximately $88,300, depending on education and experience as well as geographic location and company size.

Who Should Choose NJIT’s Online Master’s with Database & Data Mining Specialization

Our technology-driven mindset at NJIT is an asset to anyone who enrolls in our Online Master’s in Computer Science. The Database and Data Mining specialization is ideal for individuals currently working in the field or seeking to advance into a data-driven leadership role. It’s also an outstanding opportunity for new graduates to add clout to a computer information system or computer engineering degree.

Professionals with an understanding of how to collect, organize, and retrieve digital information are extremely valuable in this age of Big Data. Earning your Online Master’s from New Jersey Institute of Technology will teach you about the trends that are emerging now, while also propelling you forward into what’s coming next.

Earning an advanced degree requires a dedicated commitment on your part. An Online Master’s in Computer Science program like ours makes the challenge easier by giving you the flexibility to learn on your own schedule, from your home, office or wherever you may be travelling on business. Still, you must be willing to take on tough assignments, develop software programs, create presentations and reports, and network online with faculty and your fellow students. The goal is to ensure that you are ready for real-world data management scenarios.

If you think you have what it takes, now is the time to explore the opportunities presented by New Jersey Institute of Technology. We encourage you to learn more about our Database and Data Mining specialization today.