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Web Mining and Its Latest Developments

web mining
Web mining refers techniques used to scrape the Internet to uncover key data points that can be analyzed to provide intelligence…

The Ethics of Social Network Analytics

Many of us are free and easy with our posts and tweets across our various social networks and online communities.

The Essential Characteristics of Successful International Businesses

The Essential Characteristics of Successful International Businesses
In the global market we live in today, companies like Google and Apple make it look easy to expand internationally

Recent Trends in Management Accounting

Recent Trends in Management Accounting
Management accounting is more than a vital process of preparing management reports

Newest Trends In Accounting Information Systems

An accounting information system, also called AIS, applies information technology to accounting principles and tasks.

New Venture Management Tips For The MBA Student

Many students earn their MBA degree in the hopes of owning their own company.

New Revenue Recognition Accounting Principles

New Revenue Recognition Accounting Principles
In the United States, businesses reported revenues of $1.325 trillion in 2014.

Major Trends in Modern Internet Marketing

modern marketing
Advertising icon Maurice Saatchi of Saatchi and Saatchi once stated that “there is no rivalry between Google and traditional advertising.”

Latest Trends in IT Service Management

cloud computing
The evolution of technology shapes not only our current view of the world but also how we will approach the future.

How to Prepare for Your Online MBA

How to Prepare for Your Online MBA Your undergrad experience gave you a strong foundation. Now it’s time to build on that foundation with an online Master of Business Administration. But before you begin your online graduate program, it’s important to understand the NJIT School of Management’s expectations.  

How Tech Companies are Revolutionizing the Finance Industry

In the last millennium, the most common way for a start-up company to get the capital that it needed was to request a loan from a financial institution.

Gaining Competitive Intelligence with Data Mining

Gaining Competitive Intelligence with Data Mining
Twitter added $47.5 million to its coffers in 2013.

Five Vital Skills for Management Consulting

Five Vital Skills for Management Consulting
Management consultants are professionals who are able to dive into an organization’s problems and rise with a solution.

Financial Bubbles and How They Burst

financial bubbles
A financial bubble is a period of time in which rapid economic expansion is followed by a significant economic contraction.

An Overview of Global Markets

global financial markets
The complexity of today’s global financial market is far beyond a single blog post.

A Look At The Capital Asset Pricing Model

The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is a model that describes the relationship between risk and expected return and is used to price risky securities.

Latest Developments In Forensic Accounting

Forensic accountants use their knowledge of accounting and excellent skills of analysis to determine if certain actions have occurred, such as fraud.

Project Management Tips for the MBA Student

Project Management Tips
Working toward an MBA can be one of the most rewarding decisions you will make in your business career.

The Ethics Behind Decision Analysis

The ability to deal with or recognize ethics in decision analysis is a significant priority in the 21st century.

How Big Data Analytics Affects Supply Chain Management

Using big data analytics to grow supply chain management

Big data analysis is changing supply chain management for the better. The technology is producing quantifiable improvements in supply chain operations around the globe. Manufacturing logistics is an increasingly complex process, and companies are incorporating big data analysis to manage operations throughout their enterprises. As engineers create more innovative technologies, it is helping firms track and efficiently allocate their vast new resources, and even though big data is fledgling, it is making a positive and powerful impact on daily business operations.

Seven Marketing Innovations to Penetrate the Market

The effect of digital market innovations

In an ever-changing marketplace, retailers are deploying pioneering strategies to increase profits. In technology, marketers are using virtual reality for more than games, and as expected, mobile device advertising continues to rise as the overwhelming majority adopts the technology. Meanwhile, a new advancement – Bluetooth beacon technology – provides more accurate geo-referencing data. As for new strategies, in contrast to the past, consumers are less worried about privacy as they welcome advertising that caters to their immediate impulses, and firms work to unite buyer interactions into one cohesive experience.

2016 Crowdfunding Regulation Review

Crowdfunding Small Business

Crowdfunding legislation is undergoing significant changes with more adjustments forthcoming in the future. The Regulation Crowdfunding Act captivated the investment world in May 2016, and has since ignited a new industry. The financial world had mixed reactions to the legislation as its various provisions took effect, and even though the laws are comparatively new, officials are already calling for reform along with other crowdfunding investment proponents.

How to Use a Target Market Analysis to Define Customers

How to Use a Target Market Analysis to Define Customers

Target market analysis helps firms effectively reach more clients. An enterprise’s target market is the pivot point around which all business functions revolve. To understand their consumers, business must clearly define their offering. Once a company does this, they can honestly assess their client base. Among that body, market researchers may find other special interest groups that can produce fast, short-term revenue. These important criteria give firms the information they need to develop effective operating strategies.

How to Build Customer Loyalty in your Business

How to Build Customer Loyalty in your Business

Building customer loyalty requires a multifaceted approach. Before you begin your brand-building campaign, you must comprehensively understand what motivates your ideal clientele. Once you have researched your target demographic, you need to find ways to serve your buyers’ needs, and one way to do this is by providing quality customer service. You can use technology to increase organizational efficiency and provide higher service levels to more patrons. These initial steps are loyalty-building stepping stones that are an ongoing learning and revision process.

Factors of an IPO Price

Factors of an IPO Price

Speculators can experience lucrative returns, as well as substantial losses, with initial public stock offerings (IPOs). Before buying, experts suggest researching the factors used determine the initial price range and then the circumstances that cause the offering to settle at its final price. When researching the investments, analysts also recommend examining the risks associated with the issuing firm’s leadership pool as well as how the firm and its shareholders conduct business.

10 TED Talks on Leadership Every MBA Student Should Watch

10 TED Talks on Leadership Every MBA Student Should Watch

Students who choose to pursue an MBA are already preparing for higher career aspirations. An MBA helps them hone skills and gather a deeper academic preparation that is all but guaranteed to help them along their professional path. MBA students will most likely become leaders within a department, business, or field in which they work. In today’s world, the ability to lead is an invaluable trait.

4 Internet Marketing Trends To Watch Out For in 2017

4 Internet Marketing Trends To Watch Out For in 2017

New and constantly evolving online platforms have consolidated and merged, providing seamless feeds of entertainment, news, and advertising that are personalized for every user. Marketers are caught in the middle. They are trying to keep up with new trends and meet the growing expectations of consumers, while staying true to the traditional style of marketing. This task is challenging, and to most users, it doesn’t feel genuine. In response to these new obstacles, marketers are adapting their methods to reflect the desires of today’s consumers.

8 Career Specializations for MBA Graduates

8 Career Specializations for MBA Graduates

At the end of 2016, the Graduate Management Admission Council released the results of a survey reflecting 2016 MBA hiring outcomes as well as a 2017 employment forecast. According to surveyed employers, 68% hired applicants with an MBA and 79% are projected to hire candidates with an MBA. In brief, earning a Master of Business Administration provides a strong chance of employment, especially if the graduate chooses a specialization.

Innovative Changes and Challenges for American Entrepreneurs

As part of an effort to combat climate change and conserve precious natural resources, engineering firms are beginning to explore sustainable engineering.
Entrepreneur woman

TBM Council: Membership Benefits and 2017 Conference Highlights

The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council is a nonprofit organization made up of C-level executives and senior information technology (IT) leaders who actively work towards advancing the IT profession through collaboration, standardization, and education.
Business management leader helping other leader

Startup Marketing: 4 Tips to Get Moving

Starting a business in a competitive market requires considerable planning and strategic marketing. Generally, startups have limited budgets and need to be creative when launching their preliminary marketing campaigns. The following tips are geared toward new companies aiming to establish a digital presence and succeed in their industry. Understand Your Market Startups should first consider [...]

Multilingual Benefits in International Business Careers

Technology has allowed for business leaders and entrepreneurs to conduct business entirely remotely with anyone across the world. As globalization continues to thrive, and as world populations become increasingly cosmopolitan, business owners will have to continually refine their language skills, mastering new languages in order to appeal effectively to an internationally diverse clientele base. Speaking [...]

4 Information Management Careers

Information management drives the business world. Businesses large and small generate an incredible amount of digital information, and it’s up to informational managers to collect, store, and manage this data in an efficient manner. Future business professionals who pursue a master’s of business administration through the New Jersey Institute of Technology will find that the [...]

5 High Tech Gadgets for the Traveling Businessperson

In the current business world, professionals looking for an edge in competitive industries need to be able to work from anywhere at any time. To do this, they need the proper equipment to help them accomplish tasks remotely and with ease and efficiency. There are a number of high quality products available that incorporate innovative [...]

5 Tips for Workplace Communication in a Crisis

A crisis in the workplace occurs without warning. Any unforeseen circumstance, from a server being down or an employee absence to a health scare or even a natural disaster, can cause organizations that are unprepared to suffer significant consequences. During these stressful times, the usual modes of communication such as mobile phones, emails, and texting [...]

Earning Customers’ Trust within the Buyer Decision Process

Ensuring customer trust can almost guarantee return business, brand loyalty, and personal recommendations. Throughout the buyer decision process, consumers navigate their way through many available products and services before they make a purchase. Businesses who are able to gain a consumer’s trust during this process often find success for their brand. Understanding the Buyer Decision [...]

The Omnichannel Strategy: What You Need to Know

Clerk Shaking Hands With a Customer

Learn about the omnichannel strategy and how businesses can attract customers who shop both in brick-and-mortar stores and online.

3 Benefits of Augmented Reality in Advertising

Pikachu in Pokemon Go Augmented Reality Game

Discover 3 benefits of augmented reality in advertising and how companies are using this innovative marketing strategy to their benefit.

Business Process Automation: Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Business Process Automation? Business Process Automation, or BPA, refers to the increasingly common type of software programs that are designed to handle various business-related tasks. Unlike more complex types of automation technology, BPA seeks to simplify what are usually complex operations, and complete them in a convenient and streamlined manner. While BPA can [...]

Bitcoin: What Business Professionals Need to Know about Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that utilizes encryption software for greater security, making it both anonymous and difficult to be counterfeit or stolen. Bitcoin was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, whose real identity is unknown, in 2008 and refers to both the monetary units of cryptocurrency and the peer-to-peer electronic cash network through which payments [...]

Knowledge Management Process: 4 Key Steps

Knowledge management refers to the process of collecting, analyzing, managing, and sharing relevant business information throughout an organization. As the amount of data that businesses encounter daily continues to grow to tremendous levels, an organization’s knowledge management strategy is becoming increasingly important. The goal of the knowledge management process is to capture and utilize knowledge [...]

5 Sources of Capital to Start Your Business

While starting your own business can be a daunting endeavor, there are several sources of capital to be explored by potential entrepreneurs. Capital may be referred to as the money being invested in a startup business by third parties, who would then turn a profit should the business in question become a success. Since businesses [...]

The Benefits of an Online MBA vs. On Campus

A professional with an advanced education is armed with an in-depth comprehension of how businesses manage to succeed in today’s highly competitive global marketplace. Yet in order to advance their careers, educated business professionals must also have work experience in their desired fields of expertise. To ensure that they can progress their education and gain [...]

MBA vs. a Master’s in Finance: Which Is Right for You?

Aspiring business professionals often need to enhance their expertise in a specialized business discipline in order to progress their careers. While a master of business administration is a very popular option to develop and hone a diverse range of advanced business skills, an alternative degree—such as a master’s in finance—can offer students a highly comprehensive [...]

4 MBA Degree Jobs: What’s Your Career Path?

In order to operate profitably, businesses must employ a multidisciplinary team of professionals to contribute their own expertise to each department of the organization. While entry-level roles are well-suited for individuals with limited academic experience, the specialized roles in businesses demand a more extensive understanding of business practices. Therefore, prospective master of business administration (MBA) [...]

What Is Technology Business Management?

Technology business management (TBM) is a business model and decision-making framework that allows information technology (IT) to run as a business. This business discipline is founded on the transparency of costs, consumption, and performance. TBM manages the costs, quality, and value of IT services so IT leaders and partners can have the information they need [...]

What Is an MBA In Marketing?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to give graduates an edge in today’s business job market. While earning their MBA degree, students learn key skills that are valued by employers such as strategic thinking, leadership, collaboration, agility, and personal accountability. Some companies and organizations require an MBA for advancement into specialist, management, or [...]

What Can I Do with an MBA in Finance?

Competition in business and employment is fierce. Despite this, students who graduate with a Master of Business Administration in Finance may have an advantage when applying for their next job or promotion. While a general MBA gives students a broad base of skills and knowledge, students who are looking to specialize may ask, “What can [...]

What Can I Do with an MBA in Marketing?

While technology has changed the way marketing can be consumed, its fundamental concept remains the same: it is the act of promoting and selling products and services to customers. Marketing is an exciting and growing industry, but for many students who have only a bachelor’s degree in marketing, the competition for employment opportunities can be [...]

Should I Get an Online MBA?

When asking “should I get an online MBA,” the most important first step is being honest about achieving goals with the completed degree. If you’re like many, you’re seeking an online MBA in anticipation of either moving up in a current occupation or in preparation to move to another position. Common goals for those who [...]

What Is Population Health Management?

Doctors, nurses, insurers, and government legislators are working to change the health care system in the United States. Currently, the U.S. spends more on health care than any other high-income nation yet has worse health outcomes, including lower life expectancy and chronic conditions. Health care providers are working with professional health management (PHM) professionals to [...]