Why Should I Get an MBA from NJIT?

Why Should I Get an MBA from NJIT?

Pius Egbele: The MBA program here has a special focus. The technology that are created here or elsewhere somebody has to manage them. Our MBA program distinguishes itself from the traditional MBAs in the sense that as a science and technology university we bring some new perspective, some different perspective, a perspective that integrates science, engineering, technology, and business together to try to bring about innovative solutions.

Yi Chen: NJIT is the nation’s leading university in science and technology. As part of NJIT the School for Management can easily access the resources in technology such as experts, courses, and projects. In particular NJIT has research labs and centers in almost every technological area.

Ellen Thomas: I think the NJIT MBA is unique in a couple of ways. It offers all the rigorous content that are eMBA and regular MBA offered with the same renowned faculty but we do focus on technology in a couple of different ways. If you look at our curriculum you can see that for example in the marketing concentration we offer design and developing high tech product course which is little bit different. And the courses themselves each of us try to bring the role technology plays into our course.

Pius Egbele: And so when somebody enrolls in our program the person is not just taught basic business idea but we also teach you entrepreneurship. We teach you innovation and how to commercialize your ideas and how to work with people with technical background when trying to solve a problem as a team.

James Cicon: I think the reason that a person has a science or technology background that they would seek an MBA – I did the same thing, I was an engineer for quite a while for about 20 years and then I started with my MBA when I returned to school. And the reason being is that science and technology are fine but you have to sell it.

Ellen Thomas: I do have an engineering technical background, I felt the value of obtaining an MBA was that understanding the business behind the technical decisions, the engineering design work we did was so important,

Pius Egbele: Many of the people who teach MBA program are not just people who have business background or business degrees, some of them also come from the science and technology background so they understand science, they understand technology, they understand business. These are people who have practiced out there in the field and they know the challenging aspects of running today’s business. It’s not just bringing in business ideas but also how to integrate technology to bear on the business ideas or business problems. This is what makes the difference – between who survives and who does not survive in the business world. And if you receive your MBA here from NJIT this is the kind of training you have. We train you to become leaders of today’s technology enterprises.