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Current Trends in Data Mining

Data Mining
Data mining is based on complex algorithms that allow for the segmentation of data to identify patterns and trends, detect anomalies, and predict the probability of…

Creating A Competitive Advantage Using Big Data

Creating A Competitive Advantage Using Big Data
Big data is commonly referred to as massive samples of data that can be analyzed and interpreted in order to identify patterns.

Consumer Data Mining Through Cloud Services

In order to stay competitive and meet consumer needs, companies collect multiple pieces of information about their customers.

An Overview of Storage and Database Systems

With so much data being generated with each passing day, the challenge is to embrace both to come to the right solution.

A High-Level Look at Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become mainstream over the past several years.

5 Innovations in the Computer Science Industry

5 Innovations in the Computer Science Industry
What kinds of challenges and innovations will computer science experts face in the near future?

10 Key Facts on the Invention of the First Computer

Today, virtually every aspect of human life is profoundly impacted by computers.

What is a Database Management System?

Database management is one of the essential skills computer science experts need to understand.

Understanding the Difference in IP Address Classes

IP addressing is the logical addressing system that allows complex, geographically distributed computer systems to exist.

The Future of Data Warehousing

The Future Of Data Warehousing
As the data industry continues upon its exponential expansion, companies and organizations alike have quickly found themselves…

The Basics of Operating System Design

The Basics Of Operating System Design Each individual engineering team will have a different set of needs when they set out to design an operating system, but the basic questions they have to answer are always the same. Large industry data centers often use operating systems that are tailored to what sort of information they [...]

Techniques for Evaluating the Security of Computer Systems

Techniques for Evaluating the Security of Computer Systems
As we progress through the technology age, our reliance on computers seems to increase exponentially.

State-of-the-art Solutions for Cloud Computing

State-of-the-art Solutions for Cloud Computing
Back in 2000, the concept of cloud computing was just taking off among the most cutting-edge enterprises.

Representation of Data at Scale

Representation of Data at Scale
Data representation can be defined as the selection of a mathematical structure that models data in a particular fashion.

Overview of Current Storage Systems Used In Large Data Centers
Companies, regardless of size, require IT operations for business continuity.

Management Of Physical Storage For Database Systems

Management Of Physical Storage For Database Systems Most database administration officials concern themselves with engineering solid code, but there’s a physical side to the story as well. Database designers have to consider physical storage methods whenever they put together a new database. No one wants to see an overflow error, and this means that everyone [...]

Introducing the TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Introducing the TCP IP Protocol Suite
When information moves a short distance – across an intranet spanning a single office

How to Prepare for Your Online MSCS

How to Prepare for Your Online MSCS Your undergraduate experience gave you a strong foundation. Now it’s time to build on that foundation with an online Master of Science in Computer Science. We can help you lead the future of the tech industry. But before you begin your online graduate program, it’s important to understand [...]

Elements of Computer System Organization

Elements of Computer System Organization
According to Moore’s Law, the number of transistors in an integrated circuit will double every two years.

The Ethics Behind Decision Analysis

The Ethics Behind Decision Analysis The ability to deal with or recognize ethics in decision analysis is a significant priority in the 21st century. In recent years, several well-publicized scandals led to public outrage about fraud and deception in businesses. Hence, a subsequent demand for greater corporate responsibility and ethics. The debate and publicity behind [...]

13 Experts: How Learning Computer Programming Impacts the World

Learning to program
In the digital age, learning to program has become an increasingly valuable skill to master. Recognizing the importance of programming is helping to build…

4 Biometric Applications for Today and Tomorrow

Fingerprint Biometric Technology
Thanks to these four biometric applications, passwords and physical keys may soon become extinct.

4 Early Artificial Intelligence Inspirations

Alan Turing Computing
Before Artificial Intelligence became reality, here are four of the most important milestones leading to the development of AI.

Mobile Health Sensors for Better Living

Mobile Health Apple Watch
How wearable sensors are capable of reading information around the clock while capturing comprehensive data to prevent or manage health issues.

3 Security Risks to Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Hand
Although cloud storage can lower storage costs and increase accessibility, here are three of the most important risks to remember to protect sensitive digital property.

The Future of Encryption: Comparing DES and Honey Encryption

Encryption Code
Encryption is a valuable tool used for protecting sensitive data, but it is not entirely foolproof. Learn the differences of DES & Honey encryption.

3 Overlooked Real-Time Processing Systems

Real time processing data
Real-time processing is improving our lives by making technology faster and more efficient, from vehicles to ATMs. Discover 3 overlooked processing systems.

4 Ways Augmented and Virtual Reality are Utilized Today

What is virtualization? Virtualization refers to the process of creating a virtual version of an actual thing, such as an object, person, or location. This process is utilized for virtual and augmented reality technologies. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, virtual and augmented reality technologies have found numerous applications in several different fields. But to [...]

4 Categories of Cloud Computing Architecture

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing refers to the process of sharing and accessing data over the Internet instead of on your local hard drive or server. Cloud computing may be used for data storage, software, analytics, accessing remote servers, and other computer services and commands. Cloud computing has become very popular due to its [...]

Programming Languages to Know to Pursue a Computer Science Masters

Computer language refers to the distinct vocabulary and overall formal language that coders use to share instructions with computers. These types of languages enable computers to process large amounts of complex information in a fast and efficient manner, which makes coding a lot easier for programmers. The type of language the programmer ends up choosing [...]

4 Potential Computer Science Careers in 2017

What is computer science? Numerous advancements are being made in the field of computer science, resulting in far more computer science careers than ever before. Computer science refers to the study of computers and other types of computational systems, ranging from the development of algorithms to the refining of existing computation processes. A degree in [...]