7 Signs You Should Be A Computer Scientist

7 Signs You Should Be a Computer Scientist

It’s no secret that computer scientists have some solid job prospects. A report from Looksharp reveals that in 2015, students who studied computer science were more likely than any other major except military science to have full-time jobs within a year of graduating. They also have the highest starting salaries.

Attractive as these numbers are, burgeoning computer scientists are better off basing their vocation on passion than on reports like these. Still, if you’re predisposed to enjoy a career in computer science, you might want to know that now and take your place in this exploding field.

Here are 7 signs that you’re already a computer scientist in training:

  1. 1. You took apart a computer when you were young just to put it back to together and see what was inside. To a young mind, a computer filled with chips and circuits can appear as intricate as staring down into a city.
  2. 2. You figured out some programming by yourself before you ever had a formal class. A born computer scientist often finds creative ways to learn coding. For instance, you might have found a way to build a primitive mobile app or video game.
  3. 3. You’re comfortable learning different languages. Whether it’s Spanish, Arabic, or Java, learning one non-native language can help your mind more easily pick up another, including those that speak with machines.
  4. 4. You enjoy finding solutions for people to solve their own problems. When you’re playing a role-playing video game, are you running statistical analysis to determine your team’s chance of survival? Are you trying to find ways for people to save time by creating a program to automate menial tasks?
  5. 5. You enjoy solving puzzles. Yes, even a Rubik’s Cube counts. If you’ve always loved puzzles, you probably have the right mind for debugging code.
  6. 6. Experimentation is part of your problem solving process. When you’re testing programs to see how they work in different browsers, you’ll be working the experimentation muscle. All the better if it’s a muscle you already like to exercise!
  7. 7. And finally, you’re excited about the future of technology and how it can shape the world for the better.

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