Computer Science: University Partnerships

Cristian Borcea: Cristian Borcea: Some of the companies that partner with NJIT are big software companies. I mentioned Google before, we can also mention Microsoft, Facebook, and so on. But we don’t partner only with big companies, we also have many small companies, startups and so on, because NJIT for instance has a business incubator just around the campus and many startups start there and they hire our students. Similarly, many of our students work on Wall Street in financial companies and others work in insurance companies and so on. So I’d like to give you some personal examples.

In the past several months a number of companies came on our campus to discuss about ways to attract our students to work for them. So for example we had UPS which right now is a logistics and highly technological company and they wanted students with skills in algorithms and mobile computing. We had Johnson & Johnson and they wanted students who were able to program applications for iPhones and Android devices and mobile computing in general. We also had Colgate-Palmolive and they’re interested more in the database kind of students. And finally we had several federal agencies coming who are interested of course to hire students in security networking and so on.

James Geller: Many companies hire our graduates and the place where we are is very near to Wall Street so the financial industry of course is a major place. And then Jersey has a very strong pharma industry so we have a number of pharma companies here that hire our students. And New Jersey of course once upon a time was the cradle of telecommunications with Bell Labs. It is not that much of a case anymore but we still have phone companies around here so they also hire our students.

So for example to list a few companies so there is FreeM, BASF, Telcordia, MTrac, PSENG and Accel Mobile. All in all over 2600 companies have hired our students for internships over the last 10 years.