Cristian Borcea - Current Research Projects

Cristian Borcea: I like to talk about my research. I will discuss maybe about two or three of my recent projects. One of them is very practical. It’s about a system that uses wireless car to car communication to avoid traffic congestions on the road. So basically our system is able to detect when congestion is about to form and then inform the drivers about alternative routes which are not congested and this way we are able to avoid traffic congestion on the roads.

Another project is about mobile crowd sensing. So our mobile device, Smartphones for instance, have sensing capabilities. They have microphones, they have cameras, they have accelerometers and we developed a system which allows somebody to collect large amounts of sensing for many people by just programming their Smartphones and paying the people a certain small amount of money to provide this kind of data. So we can do all kinds of interesting studies about healthcare, about pollution in the city, we can ask people to upload photos from events of interest so all kind of sensing data that is captured by Smartphones can be delivered to various services.

And let me now give you a third example and this about mobile social applications. So as you know young people are always on Facebook and Twitter and they love social applications. We built a framework, a programming framework, that allows even inexperienced programmers to develop mobile social applications in a simple and easy way.