Earning Your MSCS from NJIT

Cristian Borcea: So I think someone would choose to study at NJIT because first of all we have excellent faculty and we have a cutting edge curriculum coupled with high quality, world class research. Now besides that I just saw some recent statistics from pascal.com which rank NJIT in the top 2% for return on investment among all the universities in the United States and in top 1% among the public universities. Also the same site ranks NJIT number eight in the country among all the public universities in terms of salary potential.

James Geller: NJIT as the name says is an institute of technology so if you want to study something like Computer Science you will study at the Institute of Technology just as you would go to a culinary academy if you want to study cooking, right? So you want to go to the specialist.

Cristian Borcea: The reputation of NJIT in the Computer Science world is really very good because in the world rankings of the universities NJIT is ranked among the top computer science schools in the world and of course we are also ranked among the top national universities in computer science.

Also our faculty publishes in top ranking computer journals and computer conferences. The faculty members have grants from the National Science Foundation, from the National Institute of Health, and so on. So I would say the reputation is excellent.

James Geller: Another reason is that NJIT is a tier one school, it’s a research school, and that means that some of the professors that are teaching in the classroom are actually the people who are inventing the technology that they are teaching you.

Cristian Borcea: We are a top tier research university so we have again excellent faculty prepared to do both research and dedication at the highest level. But in substance more interesting we are among the pioneers in this country in distance learning. So many people are doing distance learning programs nowadays but we started doing distance learning in the late ‘70s and most of the courses in this program have been offered online for many years and our faculty had the time to improve these courses over the years so now we are probably among the best places to do Master of Science in Computer Science program.

James Geller: As you know there are many different rankings of departments and the Computer Science department of NJIT is ranked between 51 and 75 by the famous Shanghai ratings. Now maybe that doesn’t sound that impressive but you should remember there are 1200 different computer science departments in the United States so that’s pretty good.

Computing at NJIT is in its own college, its own unit where the Computer Science department and Information System department and in most universities computing is somewhere stuck in the Engineering department so for us this is really a major field of study.