Online MSCS Program Overview

Cristian Borcea: First I would say we are a top tier research university so we have again excellent faculty prepared to do both research and dedication at the highest level. But in substance more interesting we are among the pioneers in this country in distance learning. So many people are doing distance learning programs nowadays but we started doing distance learning in the late ‘70s and most of the courses in this program have been offered online for many years and our faculty had the time to improve these courses alternatively over the years so now we are probably among the best places to do a Master of Science in Computer Science program.

Vincent Oria: I’m online every day to answer questions and also I can make myself available like two hours where they can ask questions and I will interact.

James Geller: NJIT is a real pioneer in distance learning. In fact our own professor, Starr Roxanne Hiltz, in 1994 wrote a book called “The Virtual Classroom” so many of the ideas that are now standard in distance learning are invented here.

Cristian Borcea: Students would expect a lot of interaction with our faculty so basically the faculty will interact with students several times a week. Very frequently they will answer their questions and we have support in terms of both asynchronous interaction, I mean discussion boards and forums where the students can post questions and the faculty will answer, but also we have virtual office hours which are synchronous using video conferencing technologies and the students can directly talk with the faculty and they can see the faculty and ask their questions and receive answers. And this let’s say one to one interaction is really helpful and this doesn’t exist in other universities.

Some of the companies that partner with NJIT are big software companies. I mentioned Google before, we can also mention Microsoft, Facebook, and so. But we don’t partner only with big companies, we also have many small companies, startups and so on, because NJIT for instance has a business incubator just around the campus and many startups start there and they hire our students Similarly many of our students work on Wall Street in financial companies and others work in insurance companies and so on.

James Geller: NJIT is a tier one school, it’s a research school and that means that some of the professors that are teaching in the classroom are actually the people who are inventing the technology that they are teaching you. Computing at NJIT is in it’s own college. In most universities computing is somewhere stuck in the engineering department so for us this is really a major field of study.