Online MSCS Student Support

Cristian Borcea: Students would expect a lot of interaction with our faculty so basically the faculty will interact with students several times a week, very frequently they will answer their questions and we have support in terms of both asynchronous interaction, I mean discussion boards and forums where students can post questions and the faculty will answer but also we have virtual office hours which are synchronous using video conferencing technologies and the students can directly talk with the faculty and they can see the faculty and ask their questions and receive answers. So it’s a very frequent interaction, it’s a one to one interaction so this should help a lot I think the online students.

James Geller: Distance learning students have very different constraints than your normal nine to five students in the classroom. So many of our distance learning students of course have full time jobs, many have families, children and on top of it you’re trying to have a life, right? So I understand that it would be difficult during working hours to contact me so I actually keep one office hour a week where you can phone in in the evening and I’ll be able to talk to you at that time. This will be a defined time after dinner but you will be able to reach me during that time and this is specifically only for distance learning students.

Cristian Borcea: So basically our classes have about 20, 20 something students, and this allow the faculty to really interact with students, to talk with them individually, to provide answers to individual students. And this let’s say one to one interaction is really helpful and this doesn’t exist in other universities.