Vincent Oria - Current Research Projects

Vincent Oria: So my research interest is multimedia databases, spatial temporal databases, and recommender system. But one project that I’m working on currently with some other faculty members which is how to make online courses more effective and we’ve got some money from NSF to work on that. And it’s about allowing students to query by content both the videos, the slides, and the textbook so you don’t have to sit there to go through the entire course, you can query to see for this concept what was the professor saying in class about this concept. So this is one interesting project and we have several students working on this project with us.

We have several collaborators outside NJIT and I’m currently working with the National Institute of Informatics of Tokyo and I just had a student who spent three months there, he just got back two days ago. He was working on search in high dimensional spaces and this is you need that for all types of search on images, on text, search engines, next generation search engines and it is in high dimensional spaces and how to make it more effective.