MSEE Graduate Student Outcomes

Roberto Rojas-Cessa: NJIT and especially the department has something that’s called the Industrial Advisory board. And in this Industrial Advisory Board people, representatives from different companies are invited to participate. Students get benefit from it from getting that feedback from companies about what are they looking for in the next generation of students, what kind of people they want to hire, what kind of knowledge they need to hire. Those ideas are actually absorbed by the department and we try to incorporate those into the program. We’re trying to prepare students to join the companies. We want the graduates to be productive. Nirwan Ansari: Murali was one of my MSEE students. He completed MSEE and then continued to do the PhD study with me. Murali is enjoying a rather successful career. Right now he is the senior systems architect as well as distinguished member of the technical staff at LSI Corporation. Many of my other students are enjoying very successful careers. They’re working for prominent companies such as Microsoft, EMC, Siemens, Samsung Electronics. One has become a patent attorney and a couple of them have ventured out to startup companies. Roberto Rojas-Cessa: I think companies like to hire NJIT graduates because the students that are actually taught how to solve problems, they are taught how to overcome different technologies for making a product or providing certain kind of services depending on the market of the companies and they are certainly well prepared.