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Update in LED Technologies

Update in LED Technologies
For general terms, LED’s are simply tiny bulbs that emit light when people plug in the power.

The Role of Probability in Signal Processing

Probability is a branch of mathematics concerned with the analysis of random phenomena.

The Life of an Electrical Engineer

The Life of an Electrical Engineer
Setting out to become an electrical engineer can take many different paths.

The Basics Of Random Signal Analysis

Statistical signal processing is included in graduate level studies in many different fields of study.

Skills for Managing Electrical Engineering Projects

Skills for Managing Electrical Engineering Projects
Every electrical engineer can benefit from skills in project management.

Mechatronics 101

Mechatronics 101 If you have ever wondered about the technology behind your smart phone or other device, you may not have heard the term mechatronics. As the age of technology rolls on, more and more fields are created to meet the demands of consumers and various industries. Technology causes fields of engineering to reshape and [...]

How to Prepare for Your Online MSEE

How to Prepare for Your Online MSEE Your undergrad experience gave you a strong foundation. Now it’s time to strengthen your expertise with an online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. But before you begin your graduate degree online, it’s important to effectively manage the expectations of the Newark College of Engineering.  

Green Networking Solutions

Green Networking Solutions
The information and technology age has changed modern life for the better.

Four Powerful Renewable Energy Systems

While the majority of our energy is still produced using fossil fuels, renewable energy has become a profitable…

Electrical Engineers and Image Forensics

Electrical Engineers and Image Forensics
Commonly known to be associated with digital as well as other related crimes, the basics of forensic imaging…

Effective Team Work for Electrical Engineers

Effective Team Work for Electrical Engineers
After engineers students earn degrees they must keep learning about advancing technology.

Digital Solutions for Power Systems

The American electrical grid has not kept up with our nation’s demand for power.

Designing Wireless Communication Systems

Designing Wireless Communication Systems
There are numerous challenges involved in designing wireless communication systems.

Defining 5G Networks

Defining 5G
The cellular data market is constantly expanding.

Decision Analysis for Electrical Engineers

Decision Analysis for Electrical Engineers
All technical occupations have important decisions to be made.

Communication Theory And The Electrical Engineer

Communitcation Theory
Having a strong understanding of communications theory is important for those who work in the field of electrical engineering.

An Introduction To Linear Systems For Engineers

An Introduction To Linear Systems For Engineers Engineering students often struggle to understand linear systems operations. Numerous accomplished engineers need a guide to assist them in their understanding of these relatively complex models. Signal processing and the telecommunications industry make heavy use of this type of theory, so it’s important to have a strong grasp [...]

Why America’s Future Relies On Renewable Energy Systems

Why America’s Future Relies On Renewable Energy Systems
Renewable energy comes in many forms such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and biomass.

What is a Computer Network?

What is a Computer Network?
A computer network is a system of interconnected computer nodes that can communicate with each other.

Outlook on Robotic Engineering Careers

robotic engineers
Engineering is an exciting profession meant for anyone that enjoys problem-solving, physical and mental work, and daily challenges.

Solar Panels and the Future of Solar Energy

Solar Panels and the Future of Solar Energy

Five Essential Renewable Energy Systems

Five Essential Renewable Energy Systems While the United States currently relies on fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) for energy, renewable energy is quickly growing to alleviate reliance on the planet’s finite amount of resources. Renewable systems such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, bioenergy, and geothermal energy have made recent advancements in popularity due to [...]

6 Ways Electrical Engineering Advanced Human Communication

Electrical Engineering Communication
Let’s look at six big ways electrical engineering has advanced communication.

6 Important Components of Electric Cars

Electric Cars
Cars using electricity for some part of their motive power are becoming far more common.

7 Famous Electrical Engineers of the 20th Century

Electrical engineers
“Electricity” was first described in 1600 in reference to static electricity.

10 Recent Inventions in the Electrical Engineering Industry

Electrical engineering inventions
Electrical engineers are at the forefront of some of today’s most important innovations.

10 Everyday Uses of Microprocessors

In 2016, microprocessors have infiltrated the American adult’s daily life through a variety of technologies.

Future Trends of Wireless Network Technologies

Hand holding smartphone
The future of wireless networks is looking faster and more efficient. As the technology improves people will benefit from better and more secure communication.

5 Essential Leadership Tips for an Engineering Project Manager

Project manager talking with the team
The role of a project leader is to understand what drives the team to success. Learn five tips on leading as an engineering project manager.

8 Ways the Internet of Things will Change Our Lives

Laptop connected to the cloud
The Internet of things (IoT) continues to rapidly evolve and our everyday lives are along for the ride. Learn 8 ways the Internet of Things will change our lives.

10 Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies Being Tested

Offshore wind turbiness
The demand for renewable energy technology is increasing. Despite the cost scientists continue to look for environmentally-friendly sources of energy.

The Future of Wind Power Energy in America

Wind Energy Farm
Wind energy is a cleaner source of energy as compared to traditional power sources, it is also expected to create numerous jobs within the engineering sector.

Growing Careers in Mechatronics

Mechatronic's Professionals at Work
Mechanical & digital technology is continuing to grow and the need for trained mechatronic professionals is increasing. Learn about the career in mechatronics.

4 Key Virtual Reality Applications

4 Key Virtual Reality Applications Virtual reality technology is growing at a rapid pace, making it more accessible than ever before. Because of this, virtual reality has become a beneficial application for a wide range of fields. VR technology works by immersing users in virtual environments, ranging from fictional and fantastical settings to real-world locales [...]

Choosing an MSEE Specialization

Are you considering a career in electrical engineering? Before earning a master’s in electrical engineering, it is important to note that there are several specializations within the field. Each branch of electrical engineering can lead to specific careers with their own particular areas of focus. Specializations in electrical engineering: Communications, Signal Processing, and Microwave With [...]

Mechatronics – Bigger Potential

Mechatronics Over recent years, Mechatronics has undergone significant new development. It has evolved from the conventional concept of simply combining electronic technologies with mechanical systems to the broader framework of cyber-physical systems, which integrates electronics, computer systems, control theories, artificial intelligence, network technologies, robotics, human-machine interaction, and biomedical engineering. In particular, along with the recent [...]