Meet Roberto Rojas-Cessa

Roberto Rojas-Cessa: My name is Roberto Rojas-Cessa. I’m an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I used to like science since I was a kid. Since I was in high school I started liking electronics and I’ve been driven by that kind of science issues and that’s it. To be able to sustain economically as a country I think we have to have very good development technologically. One of the parts falls into responsibility of how we’re going to pass all the knowledge that we collected through the years. Some of the research I’ve done is switching and routing. I spent more than 10 years in doing that. It’s communication networks, VLSI and in the very early time I dealt also something in bioelectronics. Nowadays I do some other different things. I’m trying to investigate about network measurement, trying to measure things that happens in the network, and visualization. Some of the benefits that the students may get from this research is first they get firsthand knowledge of what is doing on in the industry, and in the technology field. That is very important for our students to really go and keep up, they need to go to a place where the students actually perform because that’s the way we keep ourselves updated and that’s the way we update our students.