Online MSEE Program Overview

Durga Misra: The MS in Electrical Engineering in the online program at NJIT: there is a comprehensive combination of excellent graduate courses. We’ve also planned three different tracks. One is Communications & Signal Processing. The other is Power & Energy Systems; and the other one is Mechatronics. So the students have the opportunity, after learning some basics and fundamental courses, they can always go to select their track depending on their requirements and their background. So the University at NJIT conducts excellent research. We work with industry, we work with National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense. So that way the current technology that we develop here in terms of research is way in advance. So the faculty having that background, the students will have access to that knowledge Roberto Rojas-Cessa: Once the students work very hard, and they put interest in it, they really get interested into the program and into the subjects that we have and the research that we can offer. I think that students are going be very well prepared for solving many different problems. They are going to be able to acquire that mastery degree and they are going to feel very happy and satisfied with what they achieve. That is going to lead to probably very good things after that. And hopefully it’s going to lead to a very good job.