Pursuing Your MSEE at NJIT

Durga Misra: As you can see today almost anything you touch has electrical engineering component in there and they are part of the advanced technology that we are having today. So if you have a bachelor’s degree only it is very difficult to keep up with the high tech changing world and to have the advantage of your career or your professional career you’ve got to be ahead of everybody in terms of education and knowing where things are going. Roberto Rojas-Cessa: The challenge of pursuing and engineering and specifically in engineering electrical fields – electronics, communications – issues that actually the program is enclosing it, is keeping themselves updated. Durga Misra: So the technology into that is changing very rapidly. It’s only not in communication only but also in energy, in robotics the applications are changing rapidly. So if you take an MSEE graduate level course then obviously you will be putting yourself into the advantages of what is really happening in the technological world. It not only enhances your knowledge but it takes you to the next level in your professional life but also gives you a lot of confidence, it brings you a lot of confidence. Nirwan Ansari: So it’s not just getting a piece of paper, you’ve got to be able to be marketable in the marketplace. It will be a strong continued study, the field is changing so fast, it cannot stop just after getting a piece of paper, you have to continue like I’ve been continuing ever since I was a student, a student learning every day.